I really should have saved my fashion critique for the summer because this is when the worst comes out in everyone. Now believe me, I understand that you want to wear nothing when it’s hot and humid-I’m from a place that doesn’t think that 115 degrees is a lot, that’s pretty average. BUT it doesn’t give any one the right to wear the atrociousness that I have seen here in NYC lately. 

Let’s see, there was the bandeau bra under a very loose shirt. Halter overalls. Booty shorts. Cut off shirts. The list could go on forever. 
I know that for the spring I had advice/guidelines/rules. This time I will just list off some basics. I think that it’s pretty basic-wear clothes that cover you, aren’t completely tragic, look good on you, and keep you cool. So wear light and breathable fabrics-i.e. cotton. Wear light colors. Skirts and dresses are great. Just please, please, please, make sure it fits you.