[Apologies on blogging about this 4 days late, and the lack of posts-I’ve been finishing up college, which means hanging out with friends, applying for jobs, and editing final papers. I officially have my cap & gown and tickets to both ceremonies that are taking place next week. Now to the post…]

The Ivy-league schools have their Spring Festivals with semi-big name bands, and NYU has Strawberry Fest. Yes, an afternoon devoted to the delicious, red berry. It’s a crowded street fair on LaGuardia Place between 3rd Street and Washington Square North, it used to take up most of 4th Street east of Washington Square Park, but has been made smaller block wise, which makes it hard to move through, but just as fun.

There are thousands of strawberries handed out in cups (as seen as above), in peanut butter and strawberry jelly sandwiches (from Peanut Butter & Co.), ice cream, sno cones, cotton candy and the longest Strawberry Shortcake you’ve ever seen. On top of the strawberries, there is also popcorn, fake tattoos, carnival games and live music.

While I wish there was a bit more space to maneuver at Strawberry Fest, it’s one of my favorite NYU traditions, partly because I absolutely love strawberries. I’ve gone every year, and may just try to crash next year. What was your school’s traditional spring festival? I hope you enjoy(ed) it as much as I love Strawberry Fest.