I should be reading my book for Italian BUT I wanted to update the world on my day trip to Strasbourg, France. It was about a 2 hour train ride from Freiburg to Strasbourg, which used to be part of Germany then France blah blah blah for a really long time. Anyway, it’s an interesting mix of both countries, but the primary language is French-another language that I don’t speak! Oh well, I got by with my hello, thank you and do you speak english, oh and crepe.

First of all, the pseudo-architecture nut in me really liked the train station. It was very old but they put a glass shell on the outside of it to make it look more modern. But through the glass you can see the old station.

Then I ventured to find La Petite France, I think i walked the wrong direction and was a bit confused, but then I saw the Cathedral and just walked towards it-you have got to love that the tallest buildings in these towns of all sizes are their cathedrals. It was BEAUTIFUL. It beat the Freiburg cathedral and I was just awestruck. Then I went inside and it was just as beautiful. The vaulted ceilings, the gilted organ, ornate details on the lectern, etc. They have an astronomical clock there as well which was amazing as well. Had I been their longer I probably would have watched the movie on it, but I may just have to look up all the information later.

Then I was on to Palace Rohan, a former palace of the bishops in Strasbourg. It now houses a few museums: an archaeological museum, classic art and the palace rooms itself, as decorated by the bishops, Napoleon and others. I started in the archaeological museum which had exhibits on burial rituals from the first humans in the region to the 19th/20th centuries. It was interesting to see how it’s gone from some rocks marking a grave to huge ceremonies. Then there was an exhibit on the evolution of the people in the region as well. It discussed their pottery, homes and armies. Again, it was interesting but I was excited about the art! Then I went to an exhibit of paintings by artists from the Netherlands-I saw a Rembrandt and then other artists that I didn’t know. Some of the paintings were really nice but overall the style was too dark for my taste. I enjoyed the few paintings that really showed expression and light. Upstairs there was art mainly from the Renaissance. It was fascinating to see how the light in the paintings changed depending on the era. For instance, when the Renaissance was ending, the paintings definitely were darker, it was a darker time after all as Italy was under siege. There were many beautiful paintings of saints, Mary and Jesus. Then, on to my personal favorite, The Palace rooms themselves. I started in the Ballroom which was giant, with large columns, tiled floor and beautiful decorations on the walls and columns. The other rooms included bedrooms, studies, library with all sorts of books, a great exhibit of toys, clocks and ceramics. It was gorgeous!

I also went to a museum with art work from the cathedral which was great. Then I tried a crepe with Nutella. I had to see if they were better than my mom’s; final verdict: crepe was not as good but the Nutella made it delicious!!! Here’s a picture of my French crepe:

I also saw Petite France, which were these cute little Germanish looking buildings. And I also saw the towers that were along the river. I wanted to get to the EU Financial Center that is there but ran out of time. Overall, it was really great! Off to do homework for reals now. More updates on my travels soon.