It is finally spring in New York, well for the most part, and I have some serious mixed feelings. I love it because I get to throw my well-loved wool coat to the side and move my sweaters to the back of my closet; I pull out my colorful skirts, shorts and tank tops! The entire city gets excited too-they lunch in parks, take study breaks to tan, spend the weekends outside shopping and they break out their spring clothes too.

Now, while I hate, to a degree, how warm weather distracts me from my finals, I loathe the fashion disaster that happens. Just because it is nice outside does not mean that you can wear whatever you want. Here are a few fashion disasters that I have seen since it began warming up in NYC. 
The t-shirt that is so low cut that the girl’s ENTIRE chest was exposed. Now while I believe in cleavage (who doesn’t?), your breasts should really stay in your shirt while you are out and about. Then there was the cropped fishnets under tattered khaki bermuda cargo shorts…I won’t elaborate on that one. Light colored shirts or dresses are great but not against your pasty-white winter skin…at least use some tanning lotion first, please? Then there is that t-shirt that fit when you bought it one, two, or maybe three years ago that you love…but now it is WAY too tight or short. Finally, there is the confusion-“what season is it?”- so the best idea seems to of course be to mix winter with spring clothes, i.e. cute floral summer dress or skirt with thick, black tights and flat boots.
I wish that there were some specific rules i could cite but I can’t. And I also can’t tell you, or the world, how to dress-it reflects your individual personality and identity. We all have different taste in clothes but I think we can all agree on some basic guidelines to look good, no matter your personal style!
  1. If you are going to wear winter-ish clothes, do NOT mix with spring pieces. Keep winter with winter and spring with spring. It’s ok to still wear winter clothes because I know that this is a pretty ambiguous time of the year, but don’t mix seasons for the love of fashion.
  2. Try on those older clothes and look in the mirror BEFORE walking out the door. You will be more comfortable if you aren’t fidgeting with your shirt all day. And I will be more comfortable not seeing your gut.
  3. Wear color, don’t be afraid of it, BUT that does not give you any right to wear only one solid color. Basically, don’t wear a dress, flats, sunglasses and jewelry that are all the same EXACT color. (Yes I have seen it.)
  4. Break out your spring wardrobe but throw away old, worn, ill-fitting, and out of season clothes! Pick up a magazine or newspaper or search online to see the latest styles to get an idea of what is in and what is out. 
  5. Remember that you are not in your apartment cleaning or at the beach for the day, you are going to work, school, etc. so PLEASE dress accordingly. No short shorts, tattered tees or the like.

So, put away the scarves and heavy tights. Add some color to your outfits and be smart when you get dressed. You don’t have to buy an entire new spring wardrobe (even though I would love to) but be wise and if it was cool 4 years ago it probably isn’t anymore. Look in the mirror and make sure you look and feel good in whatever you are wearing because you will feel better. If you are confident and dressed well then you won’t be judged; it is New York and I’m just being honest with you, my friends and I judge fashion so other people are too. In the end, I just want everyone to look and feel good! Personally, I want to see cute clothes everywhere, it makes spring sooo much better and everyone happier!