I love cooking magazines, so much that I have a stack about 2 shelves high. I have a few years worth of Food Network Magazine as well as Food & Wine and La Cucina Italiana. I never have the time to look through them all and earmark recipes or cut them out, so with my recent love of Pinterest, I am finding it useful to save the recipes that I always wanted to try or tried and loved.

My Pinterest pins on a recent pinning/spring cleaning marathon

So over the past few weeks I have been flooding my Pinterest with recipes. Seriously flooding it. To those that follow me: I am sorry BUT I am so glad to have this tool to easily save all of these recipes. I love the visual appeal of Pinterest and find myself browsing those recipes when planning meals for the week along with my most recent issues of my magazines. This is when I had my epiphany: why not go through all of my magazines and pin the ones that I want to save?

So began my pinning marathon, that is still going on, probably will be through next week or so. I am not really sure how many magazines I’ve gone through so far but it is quite a lot. Not only do I love getting rid of the clutter in our home but it’s reminding me of a lot of really good recipes! I also reorganized my boards a bit to have specific categories of dishes, like Apps/Snacks, Breakfast, Main Course, Side Dishes and Desserts. This makes it easier to search for what I’m looking for too, be it a potluck or just regular old dinner.

I know in the future our lives will probably be more tech-based then they are today. I can see myself cooking with my iPad (I know people that do this, I just don’t have an iPad yet) or some other device. For now I will settle on my laptop nearby to check the steps and ingredients. No I can’t keep it as close as a book or printed paper but it’s way better than my stacks upon stacks of magazines that I never look at. I am keeping all of my cookbooks though, and my printed pages of recipes from magazines or from my family. I can’t completely abandon print just yet!

It’s sad to recycle my magazines but I couldn’t think of a better way to save what I wanted! In the end I know that pinning these recipes will save me a lot of time planning meals. And again, apologies to my followers for the flood of food pins, the pin after pin of recipes will stop shortly. Any other tips for your stacks of magazines?