As Spring Break is upon us (and approaching for me) I felt the need to point something interesting out. The State Department’s Warning on traveling to Mexico. I’m serious. Don’t mess with those Mexican Drug Lords. But ok seriously, my “issue” is how late the state department issued the warning. They did so in February. At that time Arizona university students were informed (I only know because my mom forwarded me an article from the AZ Republic talking about it), but by that time most students know their plans. They will have rented hotel rooms or a house or something. They’ve paid their money and they are going to Mexico, across a very dangerous border. Yes, Spring Break doesn’t really become a “hot topic” until February or so but by the time the State Department thought of issuing the statement, it was too late.

NYU just warned our student body yesterday, Monday, March 9. Washington Square News covered the story on March 3. Needless to say, it’s late.

Students book travel months in advance to get better deals, especially when leaving from far away places like NYC. This warning should have gone out in December-the violence was bad then too and with no sign of letting up-just like today. So what gives? I know that the State Department is very busy but a travel warning to Mexico should have gone into effect a long time ago.

Sure some students may not have read the warning back in December or earlier but some may have and would have taken it into consideration BEFORE booking their trips, rather than after. It just would have been smarter, way way way smarter.