If you haven’t seen the news this week, Western Washington got hit with quite a storm complete with lots of snow and ice. Washington isn’t used to this much snow in such a short period of time so needless to say it’s a bit gross and slippery out there. But do you know what that means? SNOW DAY! Two days in a row!

Our apartment complex post-snow/still snowing from our balcony on Wednesday, January 18

I’ve never had a real snow day, growing up in Phoenix that just doesn’t happen. And while in New York City I still had to work on days when it was pretty bad out. NYU called a snow day on a day when I interned, so I missed my evening class but still was up and about. And then while working full-time the subways were still running so I went into work late after a particularly bad snow. But now that I’m having these snow days I decided to have some fun, and be productive, at home while staying warm. Here’s what I did:

  • Blogged! I know I’ve been super neglectful, sooo sorry!
  • Caught up on TV. We still don’t have our couch (should be here in the next few weeks) so sitting on our slowly dying air mattress is not too comfy to be on. So the DVR has been neglected, there are still some shows to watch but it’s much more manageable.
  • Cooking! I made a really tasty chilifrom The Kitchn last night, Nutella Bread Pudding (post to come) and possibly some more stuff tonight. Haven’t decided yet/our power keeps going in and out sooo could get tricky
    Tasty and healthy chili!


  • Painting my nails. Okay haven’t done this yet but it’s on my to do list. My fingers have been sans-polish for a few weeks and it makes me a bit sad.
  • Threw some snowballs. It was icy snow but we ventured out in the parking lot of our apartment complex to see if we got any mail and had some fun!
  • Cleaned the apartment. It was a bit of a mess, just needed some organizing, good scrub down of the kitchen, we rearranged the counter space and I’m loving it!
  • Possibly happening later: starting a DIY project (staining/painting a bookshelf we got at Ikea) but we’ll see how far that comes. We have part of the plan but not all of it. Should be awesome though. James is also planning to make me a spice rack for our cabinet, so there may be a Home Depot adventure in the weather. We’ll see what happens!

What do you do on snow days? I had a blast just relaxing at home, although working only 2 days this week is sooo weird. Oh well. I hope the roads clear up a bit and we can work tomorrow but until then I’m crossing my fingers that our power stays on. I’m probably jinxing myself right now but seriously, with electric everything it’ll be hard to not have power.