I am late to the game watching Girls but I’m finally watching it and I like it. I’ve only watched the first 4 episodes so far but let’s just say I’ll be catching up over the next week or so!

One of the reasons it resonates for me is that it reminds me of a people I went to school with and knew in NYC. And the girls overall search for their own life in New York/real world after college: oh I am so there with you. Just not with terrible boyfriends. Warning if you have never watched: like a lot of HBO shows, some of the scenes are a bit uncomfortable aka lots of awkward sex. But I think my favorite part is my husband’s reactions. Yes, he watched it with me. He heard good things and somehow agreed to watch. So between and during episodes I got some great gems out of him.

Here are some of my favorites (and yes he gave me permission to publish this):

“I’m so uncomfortable watching this. Play another one.”

“I may have daughters one day. These are all the things I don’t want to know I about.”

“I think I’m getting used to the awkwardness.”

“I am deeply uncomfortable watching this.”

Secretly I think he likes it.

Update 1/31: after episode 6 or 7 he said, “Oh my God, I am starting to enjoy this show.” He has also been the one to suggest watching it in the evening. 2 more to go to catch up with the new season! For live reactions, follow me on Twitter @jessicahall0625 “