My mom’s friend left DC politics and started a bakery, B. Hall Bakery, which makes whoopie pies. And not just any whoopie pies but seriously delicious whoopie pies. They were the perfect end to my super long Wednesday.

They were wrapped in a cute bag with ribbon and a Happy Easter card. Inside were 12 individually wrapped whoopie pies in 4 flavors: Raspberry Red Velvet, French Lemon, Peach Mango and Dark Chocolate. Each one consists of 2 madeline shaped cakes with frosting between them. The flavors are evident in the cake and frosting but I was enjoying them so much I didn’t separate where the flavors were within each component. Maybe on my second pie-which isn’t happening tonight.

I started out with the Raspberry Red Velvet and it literally melted in my mouth. The slight raspberry and chocolate tones of the cake and frosting were perfect. I think the raspberry was in the cream cheese frosting, but I felt like there were hints of it in the cake as well.
Next up, French Lemon. It was a little too lemony for me. There was definitely lemon in the cake and frosting. It was delicious but I would have liked just less lemon in the frosting, since the cake was super lemony.
I then tried the Peach Mango. It was delightfully refreshing. I am not sure where all the peach and mango were-cake/frosting-possibly both? But the mixture was heavenly.
Finally, Dark Chocolate. It was a classic chocolate cake and chocolate frosting. It was a bit too chocolatey for me, and not as special/unique as the others, but still delicious.
Overall, I loved the whoopie pies. I have my favorites *cough*Raspberry Red Velvet and Peach Mango*cough* but enjoyed them all. If you’re looking for a unique dessert or fun gift, order some whoopie pies from B. Hall Bakery. Your mouth will thank you.