This past week has been Senior Week at NYU, and on top of all of the events, I was writing my final FINAL paper (which I finished tonight-woo hoo!). It was a week of fun on a boat cruise, game night, Mets game and formal. I only went on the boat cruise and to the formal due to money, time, the fact that everything sold out in 2.5 seconds and well, that last paper, but I had such a blast!

First, the boat cruise, which I was able to get on by some connections (thank you on-campus job), was really fun. I met up with a few friends where we boarded, and waited to leave, with a lovely glass of wine from our fabulous waiter. The boat was packed with people that I’ve known since freshman year but hardly ever see, and good friends that I love. We floated down the Hudson to the southern tip of Manhattan and turned around at the South Street Seaport. The city was gorgeous, the Empire State Building was appropriately purple that evening, and the music was fabulous! We reminisced about the last few years as we stared at the city we all love. The actual cruise was a bit short, I think it lasted about as long as we were sitting at the dock, but it was really wonderful.

View from the boat
Senior Formal was last night. We all got dressed up for a night of dancing, free dinner and drinks! The drink lines went around the ballroom for most of the night, the DJ was a bit awkward but played some pretty good music (Tik Tok, Bad Romance, Don’t Stop Believing, Jesse’s Girl and the Cha Cha Slide to name a few). I met up with a bunch of friends, the only person missing was my boyfriend, but duty calls and he is across the country for the semester. We danced, drank, ate and had a blast! 
Bridget and me all dressed up!
The final event was Strawberries and Champagne tonight to toast the graduates. There were AMAZING strawberries, more friends, and tons of people that I haven’t seen in years. It was great to celebrate and discuss how we’re all discouraged by the job search.

I’ve been sentimental all week as I go these events. The last four years have been truly amazing-I’ve learned a lot, met lifelong friends and grown up a lot. Places remind me of specific moments, people remind me of other people and in the end I am sad that it is ending. NYU has been great, I am so glad that I was here and met the people that I met, learned what I did, and had a blast! I’m ready to join the real world, if only I’d hear back from all the cover letters I’ve been sending out…oh well, it will all work out.