Long time Republican Arlen Specter became a Democrat today because he found himself at odds with his party as a moderate and did not see a chance of winning his primary next fall. This is a crazy surprise!

But what I found more interesting was the reaction from the Republican Party.

From the AP Story:
“Sen. Mitch McConnell, said the switch posed a “threat to the country.” The issue, he said, “really relates to … whether or not in the United States of America our people want the majority party to have whatever it wants, without restraint, without a check or balance.”‘

Now let’s back up…let’s remember 2000-2006, remember that time? Oh yeah, the Republicans controlled the Executive and Legislative branches of the government. They did the exact thing McConnell is afraid of. Now, I hope that maybe he’s reflecting on the atrocious bills that were passed in those few years *cough*Patriot Act*cough* that went through without a check or balance. Maybe he just doesn’t want that to happen again…or maybe he’s just afraid of losing a little bit of the power.

I hope that it’s the latter, but I don’t know if that is really true.

Believe me, I want there to be checks and balances, I think it’s really important-actually one of the most important aspects of our government. And I hope that the Democrats scrutinize EVERY single bill that comes their way because we have a lot of very important issues at hand-the economy, national security, the war on terror, energy dependence, education and the environment. So far I’ve seen a debate on a lot of issues, I hope that continues. And I don’t think that we should worry that Specter’s party switch will be the decisive vote or voice. He was a Republican for 29 years in the Senate, and who knows how long before that, so I think his moderate voice is nothing to be too concerned about.