As it quickly approaches 6 months until our wedding (eeeeek!), I’ve started thinking about our Save the Dates…but what to send: cards or magnets? One of my friends recently sent me her Save the Date magnet and I love it, because instead of putting it in some pile on my desk to be lost for a few months, I stuck it on my fridge so I wouldn’t lose it. I also put their registry cards under the magnet. I probably would have stuck it on the fridge with a magnet of my own.

So began my thought process for what to order. I asked my mom who at first said card. I put up an informal poll on Facebook, Twitter and texting friends. The responses have been about 50/50. Some responses:

For cards:

-Cards are easier to send.

-The many options of paper/looks

-Magnets don’t stay on Stainless Steel Appliances

For Magnets:

-Cards could be easily misplaced

-They are cute and unique

-Will be easily visible

Soooo it’s pretty much tied in the votes. To me I can get the same design for magnets and cards so that isn’t a factor. Price is a slight factor, magnets are about $1 more than cards but I do believe they’d cost the same in shipping them to our guests. I am leaning towards one, but I won’t tell you which yet!

So what do you think, magnets or cards? Which would you rather receive?