Growing up I loved SNL. I watched reruns and new episodes, staying up late to see as many as I could. And who didn’t love SNL during the 1990s? The cast was phenomenal-Will Ferrell, Molly Shannon, Chris Kattan, Darrell Hammond, Chris Parnell, Tina Fey and Jimmy Fallon. SNL has gone trough many phases-you can see it if you have watched the show for many years. There have been great, awful, better, good and great years, acting in an on going cycle.

I had been hearing good things about this year’s season but I still didn’t watch. Mainly because I didn’t have time. Then last night, I wanted to watch something before going to sleep. So I turned on my TV and there was the season finale of SNL with Steve Carell. And I laughed! I really liked what I saw and plan on watching more episodes in the future, possibly reruns over the summer and new ones in the fall when I can.
Some of my observations from last night include:
  • Silly but smart sketches
  • John McCain’s cameo was great and well written.
  • Amy Poehler and Seth Meyers still seem to be trying a little too much during Weekend Update
  • Darrell Hammond’s Jesse Jackson imitation is still amazing!

I did turn the show off after Weekend Update because I had to wake up early today but I look forward to watching the show again. I am going to watch the show live one day, that is a promise that I made myself years ago, and I think that I just might have to go camp out for tickets next season-any one want to join me?