As soon as I heard that Prince William and Kate Middleton were engaged I knew that I wanted to watch the royal wedding of our lifetime and…that I wanted some cheesy souvenirs. I remember reading about the dishes and coins and mugs and other ridiculous objects with the Prince Charles and Diana’s faces on them. I knew that they’d exist for William and Kate’s marriage and I wanted a piece of it. Fortunately for me, my friend Anna was going to London and I had one request: bring back some swag. And oh, did she deliver.

She brought me back a small china plate (that came with a little stand) with the lovely couple in the center and a thimble with the same photo on it. They are absolutely amazing. I can’t even imagine better souvenirs.

I’m not really sure why these souvenirs are even made, but they are pretty amazing. They are a way that we can all celebrate the Royal Wedding, in silly commemorative objects. And since they say the date of the wedding, they are also the ultimate save the dates. My souvenirs are sitting on my desk with other little tchotchkes.

Ok in all seriousness these souvenirs are a bit absurd, but I’m excited for the wedding on April 29. I may wake up earlier and watch the live stream of the event. What’s your favorite silly souvenir? Are you as excited for the Royal Wedding as I am?