I first saw this new USA original series on my JetBlue flight home from New York. USA was playing it the entire almost 5 hour flight to Phoenix, and well, it was great for my TV-ADD, aka constantly switching channels during commercials (Dear Jet Blue, I’d love if I could type in channel numbers as opposed to going through everything every time a commercial comes on and there are shows on Channels 15 and 30, as an example, but that was just a sidenote…). Anyway, I was able to see the whole show and really liked it. So then I recorded Episode 2 and fell more in love with the show. Then episode 3 and well it’s official. I’m addicted (and will be watching it from abroad the next few months).

What I love about this show:

  • The subtle humor
  • Mark Feuerstein
  • The ridiculous people of the Hamptons
  • The part medical drama-part life
  • The fact that it’s trying to be real, I can see these people existing on some level in the real world. Ok, mainly Evan…and all the Hamptonites
  • The hint of romance thrown in there (I’m sooo rooting for Hank and Jill)
  • The wittiness in every character

Basically, I really really really like this show. Oh, and got my mom hooked on it too. Good job USA. I’m glad that you are managing to find the original shows from Hollywood/the entertainment industry…the networks should take a page from your book because with Monk ( *sad face* last season), Psych and now Royal Pains, I’m set. Oh, and the fact that you play Law & Order and NCIS all the time too.