After our long drive up California’s coast and a stop in Healdsburg, it was time to keep heading North on our trip to Washington. We entered Oregon as the sun was setting so unfortunately we didn’t get to see a lot driving in but what we saw the next day was pretty!

It was a bit stormy in Oregon, still pretty

On our way in we stopped for dinner in Port Orford at a small restaurant called Redfish. It is locally owned and absolutely delicious! We shared an amazing scallop appetizer and risotto with chicken and shrimp. The staff was really friendly as well, probably could tell we were visiting since it’s definitely not tourist season along the coast up there. Needless to say, not only was it the first place that we saw that was open and looked good, it was delicious and I’d go back in a heartbeat.

The next day we wanted to pretty much make a bee-line to Washington, but we had to make a slight detour to see a Sea Lion cave. (Can you tell that I love marine animals?) On a fair weather day it’s full of hundreds of Sea Lions but the weather was INSANE so there was one or two. The rest were in the ocean hanging out in the rough waves, you could see them floating in the water. But it was still awesome.

An entrance to the cave, my photo of the cave itself is really awful, terrible lighting + no flash allowed + old camera

It was sad that there weren’t that many sea lions but it was awesome. Even in the stormy weather we had a blast. Also, if there is bad weather they do discount tickets since your likelihood of seeing a lot of the animals is low.

We then hightailed it to I-5 to finish our drive to Washington. We wanted to find an apartment ASAP, which we did thankfully. Hopefully we’ll go back to Oregon one day. I’d love to explore Portland and spend some non-stormy days on the coast. But, I’m relieved that we got here and a place to live before Thanksgiving. I’m really excited to explore Washington, let me know your favorite places in the Pacific Northwest-day trips or weekend trips!