As many of you probably know we moved, again. But this time it is more permanent! We are in the lovely state of Washington living between Tacoma and Seattle. James is stationed at Joint Base Lewis-McChord, so to get up here we decided to enjoy our time off a bit and take the scenic route up the California 1. If you have never done it you really need to put it on your bucket list. The coast is incredibly beautiful.

We started up the 1 just outside of LA, in Malibu. Those houses are absolutely incredibly! I couldn’t decide if I wanted one right by the ocean or up on the hill where you can see everything. Maybe one day…but as you drive North the ocean and coast just open up in front of you. There are a lot of viewing areas to stop and take photos, but my favorite one was at a beach were Elephant Seals lay out!

There weren’t even that many in comparison to other times of the year. These are all mainly young Elephant Seals. Truly incredibly animals. It was really cool to see them up so close.

As you keep driving you will reach beautiful Big Sur. James spent some time in Monterey a few years ago and had heard of a beach that has a waterfall spilling onto it. We were on a mission to find it. A quick search on my smart phone (thank you 3G) found the falls in Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park. A quick walk from the parking lot and wow. Sparkling blue water and a waterfall spilling off the cliffs onto the beach.

You must stop here. It’s incredible. And the path has only a few stairs but is paved the whole way. You can’t go down to the beach but there are (obviously) amazing views from the path.

From Big Sur we went to Monterey for dinner at an English pub which was pretty good. Then up to San Francisco to drive across the Golden Gate Bridge! Unfortunately it was dark so I couldn’t get a good photo, but it was awesome. We ended in Healdsburg, CA for 2 nights to do some wine tasting in Sonoma County (that will be it’s own post in the near future, probably next week).

After a slight detour inland for wine we went back to the coast through Redwood Forests. These trees are amazing! They are so tall you really can’t see the top of them. And you can still drive through a tree:

About to enter the tree via car

The coast itself gets a bit different. It’s a bit more dune-like (especially in Southern Oregon, that’s another post for another day though) and more steep. We stopped at a beach at one point to snap some shots. It was a bit cold out there but still gorgeous!

Want that house on the ridge, I can only imagine the views!

Tips if you do this trip: don’t be crazy ambitious like us and drive from LA to Sonoma in one day. It was a bit crazy. Stay around Big Sur or Monterey if you can or San Francisco! Hop out and take photos when you can/want to. Allow time for random stops. I wish we’d had more time so I could tour Hearst Castle, it looks GIANT from the road so I can only imagine you need a good chunk of the day to look around. Just take it in. It’s amazing how it goes from warm, sunny SoCal to misty, foresty NorCal. Just enjoy the ride. And don’t get bummed when the 1 goes inland for a bit, it’s still pretty, and nice to get a break from sand and water.

From California we headed into Oregon, which will be another post. Next post will be about Sonoma County. Apologies for the delay in posting but moving takes a lot of time! But now that I have internet in our new apartment I’ll be back with the rest of our road trip, delicious food and adventures in Washington!