So I’m sure everyone has heard by now-I must admit that school has knocked me down so I’m a bit out of touch lately BUT the premiere of Bravo’s new show “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” is in a couple weeks. My first reaction: REALLY??!?!?

This is the 4th version of this show and I honestly don’t think it’s necessary. The OC version was great…at first…and then it got old. I’ve seen parts of the NYC and ehhh whatever. I never saw Atlanta but I’m sure it’s the same. (NOTE: earlier I said it was cancelled, apparently it’s just not in season right now…they’re filming season 2 I think…)

Now that there is Jersey when will it end? Will there be a Real Housewives of Nashville, Austin, Phoenix (most likely Scottsdale), San Fran, Seattle, Detroit, etc.? I really don’t care because they all have the same cushy lives with the same issues. Soooo will the Jersey women be any different? Probably not too much…I’m guessing they live in large homes with fancy cars and designer clothes and some drama thrown in for good measure. Looking at their bios there is the single mom, the young mom, etc etc etc. I GET IT!

So please Bravo, no more Real Housewives. I’m over them. Sooo over them.