Times Square is NOT New York. To everyone that thinks it is-you are wrong. I hate going through that area because people stare at the bright lights and obnoxious billboards, but no true New Yorkers are there. New York is the winding streets in the West Village. Bands in the East Village playing all hours of the nights. Doorman clad apartment buildings along Central Park. Reading a book in a park while musicians jam and old people play chess nearby. Wandering the boutiques just off of Broadway in SoHo. The REAL New York is nowhere near those bright lights and crowded sidewalks. It is that crazy guy on my subway ride home asking where the galaxy was and if you’d seen Men in Black? It’s the guy that told him to “Shut the fuck up” only to switch cars when the guy continued his questioning. The Real New York is a wonderful, mystical place that is great to be a part of but it is not Times Square. It is not Applebees. It is not any of that at all. It is the heart of the people and the beats on the street. It is the spirit and the paths not trodden by every tourist that sets foot in NYC.