It’s been over 2 years since the campaign for president began. And yesterday it was complete. It was so surreal to watch the change of command. Finally, a new president. It was such a momentous day and I couldn’t help but get swept up into the day. Obama’s speech was great and really did bring a new, fresh start to the country. The pictures from the day were incredible and the crowd was insane. I couldn’t believe how many people were there. (See great photo from Popular Science)

I know this post isn’t very profound but I felt the need to write something. I’m very excited for the next 4 (to 8!) years of Obama. I also hope that the media continues to ask tough questions of everyone, and although some (ok let’s be honest, most) are really happy that Obama won, that is no excuse to not cover the issues. The economy and Obama’s policies should be scrutinized and not taken as the perfect solution-everyone should ask questions and do their research. That’s the job description of a journalist-put your beliefs to the side to report the truth. That’s my hope for the next 4 years for journalism. And my hope for the country is that we get back on track, I know we will, let’s have some faith in ourselves and do what’s right for us.