I recently did a mini-day trip down to Portland, OR. I say mini-day trip since I was just there for a few hours, mainly hanging out with my old roommate Christine who was in town with her boyfriend for a wedding. We walked around/with the giant crowds (it was Pride) and ate tasty food. I know that there is a lot more to do but from what I saw, I like Portland!

We started off at The People’s Sandwich of Portland, a small-ish shop that makes some tasty sandwiches. They also make their own potato chips. I had a waffle sandwich which was stuffed with tasty meats, I think it was basically a club. It doesn’t seem to be on their online menu. Needless to say I loved it. Also, the waffle was gluten-free, which I never would have guessed when eating it.

Then we wandered around the Saturday Market, it’s a giant street fair with all sorts of vendors, from food to art to clothes. And it’s not just on Saturdays, it’s also on Sunday. It was buzzing with people, partly because of Pride, but I personally really enjoyed these funny shirts:

I’m also a fan of Portlandia, which you should watch on Netflix ASAP if you haven’t see it or any of their videos on the IFC Youtube channel, so I was looking for signs and insights into the show. Well, sure enough, I found this guy:

Anyone know what this instrument is? (And if you watch one Portlandia video make it Dream of the 90s)

I ended my day by picking up a Voodoo Dozen at Voodoo Doughnuts. The quirky shop has so many doughnuts it was a bit overwhelming. The dozen I get was a pretty good assortment of classic and quirky, including a doughnut covered in Captain Crunch pieces, a maple bar and one that must have been dusted in Grape Pixie Stick. The doughnuts are pretty good, next time I go back I will be picking up the bacon maple bar and their namesake, which is a voodoo doll in doughnut form.

So that was my trip to Portland! I’m excited to go back and visit Powell Books, some museums, and do some shopping in the sales-tax-free state one day soon. Any other places I need to visit next time I go to Portland?