The Kellog Company opened Pop-Tarts World this week near Times Square and since I work  about a block away, I decided to check it out.

The store is located on 42nd Street between 6th Avenue and Broadway. There are huge billboards/building wraps around the building directing your attention to the new shop. Once inside, you see a giant Pop-Tart vending machine. No joke. It dispenses every flavor possible and I believe you can mix and match them. The line was really long so I skipped that part. There is also a station to make personalized T-shirts and of course, premade merchandise, including shirts and magnets.

The space itself seems more like a pop-up store than a permanent space. When I think of candy stores I think of M&Ms and Hershey, which are very permanent and been around for years. Now I understand that this is a new venture but it really doesn’t seem like that at Pop-Tarts. The lighting is like those in a theater, with a chance to be changed in an instant. The displays seem like they can be moved around depending on the day.

Now onto the food, why I really went. Pop Tarts corporate people brainstormed creative ways to serve Pop Tarts. The menu includes ice cream sandwiches, smores and sushi. I opted for the sushi. It was crumbled up fruit flavored Pop Tarts in a Fruit Roll-up. It was fruity and sticky on the outside, full of many childhood memories, and the inside was crunchy with a hint of sugary fruitiness. And it was only $2.99 for 4 pieces.

It’ll be interesting to see what becomes of Pop-Tarts World. If they plan on staying around they’ll need something a bit more permanent, but for now it’s fun and pretty tasty.