The title says it all, I’m going to apologize in advance if this blog falls to the wayside in the coming months. As part of my graduate school program I have launched a new blog called More Than A Military Spouse. I hope to share stories of spouses, girlfriends, fiancees, and boyfriends from all branches of the military, all ranks, as well as let people into what is becoming a smaller and smaller part of the nation: the military community. I am passionate about this because I am a spouse. In the last year plus of married life I have found that people in my life, old friends and new, often see me just as a military spouse. And while I do embrace that role in my life, I am also a graduate student, baker, traveler, shopper, friend. So that’s what I hope to accomplish with my new blog. I hope you read it and ask questions. I will come back here to share travels and cooking adventures, but with so much on my plate it may take even longer than it does now. So I’m sorry. But check out my other blog too please. I will really appreciate it. So comment, like, and ask away on More Than A Military Spouse.