As you probably know, Facebook has a “nifty” thing called “People You May Know.” It basically has some algorithm or something that figures out people that you have mutual friends with and/or similar networks and says “HEY! I think you know this person.” And sometimes it’s right. Actually, when it first appeared on my Homepage sidebar, I did know those people. Some (I will admit) i friended, others I did not because it was that person that you kinda know but were never really friends with and you have no interest in wanting to Facebook stalk or see when they update their profile on your News Feed. They usually had a few mutual friend in common, sometimes a lot of mutual friends actually.

But that has changed. Today the algorithm is failing. I don’t know what changed or what my Facebook activities are saying that makes Facebook believe that I know a college friend’s high school friend’s mom whom I have one mutual friend with (the college friend). Or that I know some random person from Phoenix that knows kids that I went to high school with. Sometimes I’ll see familiar faces but today, I see about 2ish, maybe 3. And you know what Facebook? I don’t want to be their friends! Yes, we have mutual friends or we went to the same high school BUT that doesn’t mean much else. I find more people to friend by just stumbling onto friends walls and seeing who just wrote on their wall.

So, thanks for trying to be helpful?