So shortly after I wrote about hunting for a wedding venue, we found it! We had an appointment at Bear Mountain Inn and well, we both absolutely fell in love with Overlook Lodge.

It is a smaller location, only holds 150 people, with a ceremony location on a porch next to the ballroom. The view is spectacular. Since it was fall we could see Hessian Lake nearby, I know in the summer it will be harder to see but it will be incredibly green all around us. The ballroom is simple, letting the amazing views be seen and enjoyed. Since it’s at a hotel there are rooms onsite for us and our guests, although we did have to get a second hotel. Also, the dates were perfect for our timeline, we almost booked on the spot. But we went home to evaluate and then emailed ASAP to secure our spot. The menu options sounded delicious and I can’t wait to go to a tasting soon to choose our final menu.

James and I are beyond excited! From here we have a ton to do: photographer, florist, officiant, clothes…the list goes on and on. It’s slightly overwhelming but exciting. There was a magic moment for both of us. I honestly forgot all of my questions, I knew it was the place for us and our big day! I just can’t wait for our wedding day because I know it’s going to be beautiful, and the staff truly wants to make our day special. For photos visit their Facebook page (Bear Mountain Inn).