What an amazing concert and soooooo freaking hot!!! O M G Britney…so worth the awfulness that is Long Island (Sorry to all of you from there but the girls there, and their parents, and getting home, well it they were all AWFUL).

So I must give Britney props for the following:

  • Dancing, and when I say dancing, I mean DANCING (piourettes and all!) in 4″ stilettos.
  • She was genuinely happy I think. She was smiling the whole time and looked like she was having a great time
  • She was in AMAZING shape. Britney was honestly the perfect size as far as I could tell. Not too skinny but not fat by any means.
  • The show was just fantastic. It was really well put together, thought out, and just perfect. I loved watching it!
  • She went all out with the Circus stuff-she had cups, cotton candy, those fiber optic light thingies, light up glasses, lollipops, balloons, and probably some other stuff too that I’m forgetting right now!
  • The program was really, REALLY cool.
  • Boys Co-ed Remix!
  • Basically it was one of the best shows I’ve seen!

Things I didn’t like so much: The first set of Circus people were LAME (aka the guy who balanced and had a cute dog, the flexible chick with awful outfit, clown/air guitar guy, and Asian man who balanced some big vases/pots), I missed some of her songs and she didn’t play a lot of Circus, less Virgin Mobile logo EVERYWHERE-I got it, you paid a truckload but it was obnoxious to see the Virgin Mobile logo in the middle of the show, and uummm that’s it.

The concert was AMAZING!!! And we had really great seats so it was totally worth all the money and waiting! No crazy things happened, no mishaps, as far as I could tell the show went off without much of a hitch (except PCD being sick).