John McCain spoke at my high school on Monday but it wasn’t just another speech-it was an endorsement by Reggaeton singer Daddy Yankee. I found this choice highly appropriate because Daddy Yankee’s song “Gasolina” played about 3 times at my junior prom. And the students at my high school were upset that they couldn’t ask the singer questions-only McCain. 

The video of the speech that I watched on YouTube shows the girls FREAKING out when Daddy Yankee comes out to talk. It was cute but just ridiculous. The high school was chosen because it is diverse aka mainly hispanic. While it is a wonderful opportunity for Central to be on the forefront (kinda) of this election, I don’t think that it will have much of an impact. The students will only remember Daddy Yankee hugging them. Also, Daddy Yankee mentioned that McCain is a strong fighter for immigration-which really he just wants to be beyond strict which would hurt a majority of the students at Central. Many of them ditched to protest in support of fair immigration in 2006. Many are 1st generation or immigrants themselves. Central is home to the International Studies Program and therefore has many students from all over the world. I don’t have confidence that McCain’s policies would help them-it would most likely hurt them more.
Congrats Central for getting attention-if only it was to use the school as a positive example of how to be diverse, or even how it needs to be improved academically. I loved Central but I can’t help but feel that they were used by McCain this time.