Senator Barack Obama is finishing up his tour of the Middle East and Europe and while he fears that he might drop in polls since he isn’t focusing on gas prices or the economy, I think that the trip was smart and will help in the long run. 

The Bush Administration has pretty much brought us back into isolation-going into a war that is hardly supported by the majority of our allies in the world. They have made America look like renegades that can do anything without the support of their allies or even taking into account what their actions will do to the world. While they are making attempts to make amends, there is still a long road to go. 
Obama now has a stronger sense of what is going on worldwide and what the leaders of many countries believe and want to see from the USA. And while McCain has met with these leaders he was obviously not received as well-Obama was met by 200,000 people in Berlin and held a joint press conference with President Sarkozy-while McCain had a solo press conference after meeting with the French President and probably by many more protestors. 
Hopefully this trip will help Obama in the end because we need a leader that is well-liked or at least received in other countries. Not just America wants change-so does the rest of the world. We need to elect someone that is open to others’ ideas and isn’t just all about the old. America needs to make amends and rebuild those bridges that have become unsteady in the last 8 years with many of our allies. I don’t think John McCain will do that.