Barack Obama announced that his running mate is going to be Joe Biden and I think that it’s really awkward. I don’t know what it is but it’s a little confusing to me. Yes, Joe Biden is a great senator and very accomplished. He knows a lot, especially about foreign policy, but I’m still going “huh?” after watching Obama’s speech.

Biden had some slips and has said things during his Presidential campaign that insulted Obama. He has a totally different style and it’s just awkward next to Obama. Maybe it’s Biden’s older and more “traditional” campaign style next to Obama’s new vision and change. It will be interesting to watch the campaign unfold. I have no words right now about this. I will be thinking about this more and writing more as it comes to me.
Ok after thinking about this for awhile I have some new opinions. I have also talked to my parents to get their insight on it all. Joe Biden is the best person for the job-that is for sure. He really does balance the ticket with his knowledge and popularity among key groups and states that could be up for grabs (like workers and Pennsylvania). He is also going to be the one attacking McCain which is necessary. I do think it’ll be a good ticket but it still is just a tiny bit awkward to me.