Over the summer I tried Wafel & Dinges’ Pulled Pork Wafel and it was love. They make great sweet wafels too and lately they’ve been pulling out the stops with some special sweet wafels that are BEYOND delicious. Like so tasty. The two that I’ve tried are: Churro and S’mores.

Churro Wafel
S'Mores Wafel

Churro Wafel: So let me preface this by saying that I love churros. I have tried to make them, not as easy as it looks. Anyway, The Wafels & Dinges Churro Wafel is one of their wafels (1. yes I’m spelling wafel the Belgian way 2. I believe it was the liege but I’m not positive) with dulce de leche , cinnamon and sugar. A ridiculous amount of cinnamon and sugar. Oh and powdered sugar. It was so filling and delicious. And tasted like a churro. A really filling, sticky churro…of DELICIOUSNESS. Ok sorry for all of the references to how good it was, but if it is ever the special of the week again, you should get it. But be ready to be stuffed for awhile.

S’Mores Wafel. Let me just say: wow. I had a liege wafel (seriously the superior wafel, it has some sugary goodness in the batter, aka best for the sweet wafels) and on top was spekuloos, marshmallows and Belgian chocolate sauce. The spekuloos is the Wafel & Dinges truck’s secret sauce, they describe it as gingerbread-cinnamon cookies, hence why it’s perfect with S’Mores ingredients. It was chocolatey and marshmallow-y goodness, two of my favorites. Mmmm I’m still dreaming about it.

I don’t know which of the two I liked better. The S’Mores wafel is less filling, probably since it’s not covered thickly in dulce de leche, but equally as tasty. I’d order either again, and again, and again. I hope the Wafel & Dinges truck keeps the specials rolling in and that they are equally as tasty as these two have been.