About a month or so ago I saw a new food truck parked in Union Square, and since I was going home after running some errands, I only had time to walk by and see that it was called The Crepes Truck and it’s Twitter accout. Since then I’ve been waiting to be in the vicinity to try it because I love crepes! Seriously. I have a crepe pan and eat them quite often. Last week it was finally parked close enough to my office that I could try it out for lunch. They have both sweet and savory crepes on the menu, but seeing as it was lunch I went for the savory.

I happened to go on  Good Friday, so their special of the day was a crepe filled with smoked salmon, shallots, tomato, red endive, goat cheese and Swiss cheese for only $6. (Their savory crepes range from $5-7.) And for Earth Day they were offering free coffee with every order. The crepe was absolutely delicious. It was a great mix of cheese, vegetables and the fish. And to top it off, it was truly a steal price-wise. I think they could charge a bit more for that (and do, the other smoked salmon crepes are $7). I ended my lunch feeling full, which was great especially for what I spent. Since it was one of those days, I did opt for the free coffee. The Crepes Truck guy asked me how I liked my coffee and he made it pretty close to perfect with the milk and sugar.

The value at The Crepes Truck is undeniable. And I can’t wait to go back and try a sweet crepe, probably one with nutella, because that will just be delicious. The guy that was operating the truck/cooking up the crepes was really nice, great customer service, and totally wait-getting my order time was probably about 10-15 minutes. I hope that they come a bit more east sometime during lunch but I’ll happily walk over to 8th Ave to get a cheap and tasty lunch.