I have eaten at this food truck a lot. And every time I eat at Schnitzel & Things, I take a photo and go “I must blog about them.” And then something comes up and I don’t. It’s really tragic because THEY ARE SO GOOD! Schnitzel is such a comfort food for me, my mom made it when I was growing up, and I still cook it for a quick and easy meal, so it’s always wonderful to have for lunch at work. I’ve gotten it when I haven’t felt so hot, or for when I just need a hearty meal.

Schnitzel & Things Chicken Platter

 Alright so that beauty of a GIANT chicken breast is what you get when you order a platter. What you can’t see in this photo are the sides which are hiding under the chicken. I opted for potato salad and mesclun salad. Other options include: sauerkraut, fries, chickpea salad and beets & feta salad. The potato salad is solid, definitely Austrian not American, as it should be for a truck that specializes in that cuisine. It’s delicious. The chicken is quality and cooked perfectly. It’s $10 for the main schnitzel of your choice and two sides. a bratwurst platter is a bit less.

You can also get a sandwich, which is basically that whole chicken, cut in half and stacked on a ciabbata with lettuce, tomato and a condiment of your choice (like pesto mayo or tartar sauce or just mayo). I’ve again opted for the chicken schnitzel sandwich with pesto mayo. So delicious! And since you’re getting that whole giant piece of chicken, it is a filling sandwich for $8.

I’m obviously a big chicken fan, but you have other meat options! Schnitzel & Things also serves pork and cod, along with bratwurst and the occasional veal. I’m sure they are just as good. And if you don’t believe my review, just know that what was once just a truck now has a storefront, so they have enough faithful fans to open up a shop on top of the truck! It’s in Midtown East, I haven’t made it out there yet, a bit too far for me to travel on my lunch break.

Basically, check out Schnitzel & Things. Find the truck, go to the store. They won a Vendy Award so they’re legit, and come on just look at that giant piece of chicken you get for $10! I have definitely made a second meal out of their lunch so what are you waiting for? Get your schnitz on!