My food truck adventures have been on-going, my blogging, sub-par. But today’s edition is about a truck that came from a storefront that used to be by NYU, and is now by the Flatiron Building: Rickshaw Dumplings.

Rickshaw Truck Pork Dumplings


I tend to get Rickshaw Dumplings when it’s rainy out but that wasn’t the case last week. I really didn’t feel like a sandwich or salad so I opted for the truck, parked 3 blocks from my office in Midtown. I opted for the Pork and Chive Dumplings with a Soy and Sesame Dipping Sauce.

They are good dumplings. Good if you want a solid asian meal but I wouldn’t say that they are my favorite dumplings ever. I do like some crispiness to my dumplings so I wish that they weren’t just steamed. That being said I think that the filling is solid. For $6 you get 6 dumplings and dipping sauce. It’s a good light lunch, so if you are starving I wouldn’t recommend it, but a good dumpling/light meal, go for it! To see if they are near you for lunch or dinner check their Twitter.