A new food truck hit the NYC streets this week. It’s not new in totality, they have branches in LA and Austin, but they just launched their truck here. Their concept is simple: ice cream sandwiches, but how they execute it is totally different. You get to choose your cookie and ice cream flavor. But even that is not your standard options, it makes it a fun dining experience. It’s a bit on the pricey side ($5) but a really great treat. Here’s what I got today:

Their menu today included the following ice cream options: Brown Butter Candied Bacon, Dirty Mint, Red Velvet, Mango Saffron (Vegan), Balsamic Fig, Peanut Butter, Nutella. The cookies to choose from were: Double Chocolate, Red Velvet, Pistachio Agave, Vegan Chocolate Chip.

Before arriving I was debating how adventurous I was feeling. But when I got there I decided that I had to go for the Brown Butter Candied Bacon. I asked the employee which cookie she suggested with it and she said Double Chocolate, so I went for it. It was DELICIOUS. So good. The cookie was really soft and freshly made. The ice cream was not super bacon-y, it was smooth and creamy. A really simple ice cream with some bacon bits mixed in. Overall: really tasty ice cream sandwich.

The paper they wrap the sandwiches in is made of potato so it is edible, although I didn’t eat it. It helped me hold everything together really well as my ice cream melted and the cookie was quickly devoured. I actually found that as my cookie fell apart a bit I used the cookie bits as a scoop for the ice cream was left. I even got ice cream in the nooks of my engagement ring! So yeah, it was good.

Check out Coolhaus when they are near you! I promise I am not steering you wrong!