Lately I’ve found that at lunch I am completely uninspired by what to eat. This led me to go to (a site that maps out where the NYC food trucks are–absolutely amazing, and not blocked by my office’s firewall) to see if any new food trucks were around work. I saw that Big D’s Grub was down the street and this was not only a truck that I have yet to try but it’s pretty new to the streets. The menu intrigued me as it’s a Korean fusion with tacos and sliders on the menu with Korean spices and foods, like Bulgogi. So I headed to the truck for lunch and got a Spicy Pork sandwich and fries.

One of my co-workers said that the sandwich looked like a banh mi. I’ve never had one so I can’t properly compare it to the Vietnamese sandwich. The sandwich was good. It could have had some more seasoning, it wasn’t that spicy, which I liked because I can’t handle that much heat, but for being toted as “Spicy Pork” I was expecting more of a kick. The cucumbers and slaw on top were refreshingly crunchy. It was a solid sandwich for sure. The fries, well that’s another story.

The fries description on the menu says that they have seasoning on it. I notice as I look at it again that it says “(optional),” so I’m guessing plain fries is the normal order. I found that misleading and disappointing when I opened the box of fries (see photo above). It seemed to me that these fries were straight from an Ore-Ida bag. I could have made them at home. Actually James made some better fresh fries last weekend. There should be a note that says to ask for seasoning on them because it was unclear from the menu, and it would make the fries more special.

So overall: good sandwich, not so good fries. I may go back but I wasn’t super impressed. Anyone else tried Big D’s Grubs? What did you think? Midtown Lunch wasn’t super impressed with the options and neither was I.