First of all, Happy New Year!! I hope you are all excited about 2011 as I am, lots of great things are coming up aka James and my wedding (and some other fun stuff too of course)!

I know that I’ve been slacking on updating you all on my Food Truck Adventures, but I promise I have been eating at them! Today I tried a new truck that I’ve been meaning to try for awhile…Mexicue.


Mexicue is a combination of Mexican food and barbecue. It sounds crazy but oh my goodness is it tasty! All of the menu items are small, sliders and tacos, so you can mix and match what you want to make as big of a meal as you want. I ordered the Pulled Pork Slider and Short Rib Tacos. The slider was topped with BBQ sauce with a tang of chiles (arbol to be precise), pickled onions and avocado. It was really delicious, the perfect slider. The bun was super soft and sopped up the slightly spicy sauce. The tacos were pretty good. The meat was really tender and tasty. I could have used a bit of sour cream as a topping though. The taco had two types of salsa (verde and fresca) and cheese but it still felt like it needed something.

Overall it was great! I loved the combination of BBQ and Mexican flavors. They go together quite well and make a unique dish. The line was long but moved pretty quickly. I’d say time of getting in line to getting food was 25-30 minutes. It was a busy day. I will say that since the truck was in the shade I was frozen by the time I got my food, so I’m implementing a new rule of going to food trucks when in pants/boots, not heels/tights/skirt. At least when the line is long in the winter…or of course, call ahead my order!

Have you been to Mexicue? What did you think? Any suggestions for the next time I go back? Happy eating!