I’ve been waiting to try Kelvin Slush since I discovered the truck on Twitter this summer, but it’s always in places nowhere near me (I’m usually in Midtown at work or the UES at home). So Chelsea, Flatiron, Union Square, etc just don’t work. Well that all changed when Kelvin parked on Lexington between 86th and 87th St aka on my walk home.

The 2010 Vendy Dessert Winner features three flavors of icy slush with fruit purees to mix in. The slush options include Spicy Ginger, Tangy Citrus and Black Tea. The purees include blood orange, raspberry, mango, pear, white peach and more. You pick your base (the slush) and your mix-ins. They also feature floats (slush + ice cream).

I opted for the Citrus with mango and raspberry. It was soooo tasty! The slush was refreshing and hit the spot. Also, look at how pretty it is:

I drank/ate about half of the slush on my way home and stuck it in the freezer to finish after dinner. This was THE best idea ever. Not only did it keep it cold and make it more icy, the flavors mixed more, making the raspberry and citrus mix together more and the mango and citrus on the bottom. It was fantastic.

I don’t know how much longer they will be on the streets, although they have tweeted that they will stay out as long as they can, but check them out. The slushes are refreshing, as sweet as you want them and delicious. So if they are nearby your office, work, weekend plans, GO! Seriously, you’ll enjoy your slush.