Ok so El Rey del Sabor isn’t exactly a truck, it’s a cart (with multiple locations in Midtown) but whatever, same difference right? One of their carts is parked outside of my office building at 43rd and 6th everyday and the line is always long. They were also nominated for the Vendys this year. So it was time to try it.

Now let me just say this: I’m very particular about my Mexican food. Growing up in Arizona there really wasn’t any bad Mexican food (except anything that ends in -bertos, but that can be argued), so moving to NYC was hard. Nowhere I went could live up to my expectations of fresh tortillas, amazing tacos, etc, etc, etc. Well El Rey del Sabor is LEGIT! I got chicken enchiladas with green sauce. It comes with rice and beans. It was tasty! And spicy! I ate the beans (which I’m usually not a big bean person, not sure why, just am not) to help my mouth out. Anyway, look at the deliciousness:

I was quite impressed. It tasted like home and I’ll be going back. They also have burritos, chalupas and tacos, just to name a few items. Go check it out, I’m serious.