First off, apologies for being MIA. Between work, volunteering and being a new wife, I’ve been busy! We also have been jam-packing our weekends with trips to see my parents or hiking around Southern Arizona, leaving little time to blog. But I’m back. I’m also in the process of thinking of new blog names and such as I officially changed my name following the wedding. Any ideas are greatly appreciated!

But, on to some deliciousness. 1. Nutella. We went on a Costco trip and when I saw 2 giant bottles of Nutella for $8.99, I grabbed them and put them in the cart faster than you can blink your eyes.

53 ounces of Nutella

I had no idea what to make with all of this Nutella, and really it didn’t matter. I knew I would eat it. I could use it in crepes or cookies. My friend Anna then suggested the World Nutella Day website, which features tons of recipes, including for cheesecake. Sold.

The recipe I used for Nutella Cheesecake required making a cheesecake batter, that was pretty liquid-y, then mixing Nutella into half of it, and swirling together on top of a hazelnut crust. It was absolutely delicious!!

You can get the recipe from Tinkerblue blog. Try it and let me know what you think!

My other Nutella uses so far: crepes with Nutella and strawberries. Up next: probably some cookies, but I’m open to other ideas.