I’m totally obsessed with reading The Grub Street Diet every week on NY Mag’s Grub Street blog. I thought it only fitting to do my own version as I prepare to leave NYC. So enjoy my randomish and slightly boring diet from the last week!

Wednesday, June 15: I started my day off with some Vanilla yogurt and fresh strawberries at my desk. I have gotten to be less of a hop-out-bed person that I once was (see: high school and college to some extent, mainly since I shared a room with someone) so I get up as late as possible to get ready and get to work on time. I need breakfast though. So I bring it in or buy it on my way down. This time I had some yogurt in the fridge and berries, so threw that in tupperware and went. I drink a lot of hot tea at work since my office is always freezing and it keeps me warm. So that and lots of water. For lunch I went to Eddie’s Pizza Truck since it was in the work neighborhood. I love Eddie’s, always a solid pizza. I tried the veggie special, it has broccoli, peppers, mushrooms, onions and spinach on it. So good. They have a new girl that’s calling out numbers and not nearly as well so I waited for awhile and then realized they were way past my number, she claimed to have called it. Whatever. I did get my pizza. That afternoon I went with my co-worker for some ice cream. We tried the ‘wichcraft stand in Bryant Park. They feature Van Leuween ice cream. I got Mint Chip with chocolate cookie crumbs. Totally hit the spot. That night for dinner I met up with my friend JR for drinks since I’m leaving. We went to Latitude on 8th and 48th. Pretty cool spot, mainly because they have $4 margaritas at happy hour. So we got those an shared Nachos and fries. Not the healthiest dinner but it hit the spot.

Thursday, June 16: I have no breakfast food at home so I stop at Starbucks on my way to work. My summer drink of choice is an unsweetened black tea lemonade, they never seem to get it perfect, but it’s still tasty. Once, I saw them make it as an iced tea then realize the mistake and added a splash of lemonade. NOT THE SAME THING. Anyway, this one was good. I also got an asiago bagel toasted with cream cheese. I love their asiago bagel. It’s like crack. I used to get it all the time at NYU when we had Starbucks on our meal plan. The office was quiet since most people were out for the Classic in Aspen, but the Test Kitchen was cooking away and so I snagged some delicious mac & cheese. Then to lunch with my friend/former roommate from Italy who works in Times Square. We went to Qi, a Thai place on 8th Ave and 43rd St. Such a weird location because it’s that grimy part of 8th Ave by Port Authority and here’s this crisp white and clean Thai place. The waitresses are in cocktail dresses, it’s bizarre. But they have an $8 lunch special. So I got a salad with peanut dressing and ginger stir fried chicken. I was craving something post-lunch so I stopped at a fruit stand outside my building for some peaches. 3 for $2, excellent deal, so I bought those. Delicious. That night I ate some leftover pasta I had made on Tuesday. It was chicken sausage with tomatoes and fusilli. Just made up the combination with some food I had around, it was good. Had a glass of wine an some strawberries. Really chill night at home.

Friday, June 17: Stopped at Gregory’s Coffee, it’s in my office building, for breakfast. I love Gregory’s. I’ll miss it. Great coffee, friendly staff and a rewards system that gives you $5 when you spend $50, so that adds up quickly when you go there often. I got an iced tea and blueberry muffin. At lunch time I had my final gown fitting, went with my friend Jess, and it was super quick since the only thing that really needed to be checked was the bustle. So we were out in 15-20 minutes. Went to Chickpea. I got a falafel pita with tomato something, hummus, carrots and corn. I am really bad at those “pick your toppings places,” like salad bars, never do that right. Anyway same thing here, I asked the guy to pick stuff. It was good, totally overstuffed but tasty and healthy. I also had a Blue Pomegranate Tea from Honest Ade. So tasty. Then that night after work I had drinks with friends and co-workers for my last Friday in the city. We were going to go to Bryant Park’s Southwest Porch but it started to rain right when we were going to head out, so we went to BXL on 43rd and 6th. It was pretty packed but it’s a great Belgian beer bar. I had 2 Leffe Blondes. Then afterwards I went with my friend Karen and her husband Nathan to head back to the UES/our neighborhood. We ended up going to dinner at Viand, this diner on 86th and 2nd. I had a Greek omelet: tomatoes and feta cheese. It was tasty. On the side there were potatoes and whole wheat toast. Hit the spot.

Saturday, June 18: Woke up kinda early but had some errands and wedding crafting to do that day. No breakfast food still, I’m bad at buying groceries when I know I’m leaving soon, I don’t want to waste food. Anyway, went to Corrado, this bakery on my block, for a blueberry muffin and iced tea. Ran errands, came home and ate one of those peaches from the other day. Much better and riper today. Friends came over to help craft candles, frames and escort cards. It was quite successful. Anyway, I snacked on more of that leftover pasta for lunch and later dinner and ate the other/last peach. Then it was my friend Jess’ birthday so we went to Blue Owl in the East Village. I’d never been there before but the cocktails were great. I ordered a cheese platter and some Kalamata olives. The cheese was fantastic: goat cheese, sheep cheese and a mix. It came with toast and this bitter orange marmalade. Sooo good. I love cheese so this was awesome.

Sunday, June 19: Drank too much on Saturday night. So took me awhile to really get food, and again, I really had nothing in the fridge. I ate some tortillas and drank water. Finally got out and went to Starbucks, thinking coffee and an asiago bagel would do the trick. They were out of asiago so I got plain and then they didn’t have a toaster? It was bizarre. I said “excuse me?” and the barista/employee said “we can’t toast it.” So I said, “Fine, I’ll just toast it at home.” So I did. Definitely felt better after that. For dinner I ordered Chinese food in from Ruby Rocks on the UES. I got chicken and broccoli in brown sauce with jasmine rice. It’s a little overpriced but they deliver crazy fast, so it’s totally worth it.

Monday, June 20: Started my morning with Gregory’s again. I tend to go there when I need coffee. So I got a small coffee and blueberry muffin. For lunch I had to run errands (read: Kinko’s for last-minute wedding things) so I grabbed Pret a Manger for lunch. I got a Strawberry & Goat Cheese salad with Balsamic Vinaigrette. It was refreshing after running around at lunchtime. Dinner: James arrived! We had a double date with Karen and Nathan at Shake Shack on the UES. We got Karen into Shake Shack and burgers in general a few months ago, pretty much the greatest thing ever. I ate a Shakeburger, fries (shared these), Arnold Palmer and shared Boston Cream Pie custard with James. We just sat outside for hours talking and enjoying the weather. Definitely going to miss those two!

Tuesday, June 21: Last day of work in the city. Started with Starbucks: Iced Tea Lemonade and asiago bagel w/ cream cheese. At my desk. But I ran into my co-worker at Starbucks so that was fun. Lunchtime rolled around and I realized that I made no plans: super sad. So I walked around and settled for ‘wichcraft’s Chickpeas on Greens. I was in a salad mood this week, maybe fitting into the gown was on my mind? Anyway it’s chickpeas with roasted peppers, olives and greens with a lemon salad dressing. It was quite nice. After work I got drinks with my co-worker, James and his brother at Bryant Park’s Southwest Porch. I had the watermelon lemonade or whatever it’s called. SO GOOD! Vodka and watermelon lemonade. Delicious. Then for dinner we drove out to Long Island to my friend’s family’s restaurant, Heritage of India. We had some crispy bread with dipping sauces, chicken of some sort, lamb, fish, lentils, naan, rose rice pudding and Indian ice cream. It was all fantastic. I love going out there to eat because I’ll just ask my friend what she thinks is best and I get that. So I don’t actually know Indian food that well, except for their restaurant. Then we came back to the city to pack/sleep/move out!