James and I have gotten really into Firefly lately. The sci-fi fan favorite with a cult like following, particularly after it was abruptly cancelled: well I get it. And I’m not even a huge sci-fi person. Seriously. The show, which is only 14 episodes, is on Netflix streaming, and I highly suggest you watch it. But, this isn’t a post about Firefly, it’s about how our new obsession went to the next level.

For Superbowl Sunday we decided to bring a bean dip to the party we were going to. I don’t have a go-to recipe so I decided to go to the internet. And that is when I found it. Nathan Fillion’s Bean Dip recipe, as shared via Twitter. Nathan Fillion is the main character on Firefly (Captain Reynolds), and since this occurred as we couldn’t stop watching the show I decided that it was a must make. And boy was it tasty!

Nathan Fillion's Bean Dip, please don't mind the saran wrap on top, I forgot to take a photo JUST before transporting it to the party

It is a fairly basic 7-layer dip: beans, sour cream, tomatoes, guac, etc. But it was fantastic! The ratio of green chiles and olives worked out well too, one of the partygoers complimented us on the recipe, so great job Nathan Fillion! The only changes I made to the recipe was making my own taco seasoning with chile powder, paprika, and some other seasonings. Our guac layer was avocados with cilantro and onions and instead of a bag of cheese went for freshly grating it. No major alterations, just my version of taco seasoning and guac really, sorry Nathan!

So yes, I am slowly evolving into a nerdier version of myself, I think that making this bean dip may be one of many pieces of evidence (another: seeing star Wars Episode 1 in 3D opening weekend and that I am super excited for the rest of the series to be re-released in 3D), but it was tasty, and from an awesome actor. Anyway long story short: see if any of your favorite actors or stars of your favorite shows have shared any recipes, because they might be good!