So now that I don’t have class or homework or papers to write, I have so much free time! I’m making a list of what to do with all that time. My first few days have been wonderful, today I went to the Met for a few hours, walked around my new neighborhood of the Upper East Side and watched TV. There is so much I want to do, so here is what’s on my list so far:

  1. Read books for fun.
  2. Visit museums.
  3. Go to Bryant Park’s Summer Film Festival
  4. Cook more.
  5. Try cooking new things.
  6. Take weekend vacations.
  7. Discover new parts of the city.
  8. Try new restaurants and bars.
  9. See more friends, more often.
  10. Go to the movies regularly.
  11. Experiment with my make-up looks.
  12. Exercise!
  13. Relax.
  14. Have fun!
  15. Work hard (at my new JOB!!)
  16. Work on improving my relationships with everyone in my life.
  17. Get back in touch, and keep in touch, with people that I’ve worked with.
  18. Be more adventurous.
  19. Blog more often.
  20. Write more letters and cards.
  21. Work on 5EB Greetings (aka the company I’m starting with my former roomie Anna!)
  22. Watch Modern Family, Parenthood and any other show that I missed this last year.
  23. Sleep.