Happy 2012! And welcome to the slightly updated version of my blog aka new name and URL. I thought I would start the year off with a post about my new favorite website: Pinterest. This “virtual pinboard” is an amazing resource, not only is it full of countless ideas for home decor, food, style but it’s a great way to store them all in one place.

My Pinterest Boards

My boards as you can see include Beautiful Places, For the Home, Delicious Food & Drinks, Great Style and Holidays. Each board can be completely personalized so no matter what your interests are you can make a collection of ideas.

Take my Food & Drinks board: I not only use it as an idea prompter but as bookmarks for recipes that I want to make. This way I don’t have 8 gagillion bookmarks in a folder on my toolbar, instead I have not only a visual recollection of what the recipe is that I want to make, but also bookmarks. I have already cooked or baked a few of my pins and plan on making a lot more in this upcoming year.

I debated about making a board for a DIY project I’m working on (which will be a later post) but decided that I didn’t want to just have a board with a potential end date. And the longer that I kept adding ideas the more overwhelmed by the project I became.

I also really love seeing what my friends pin. They have amazing style and ideas. I’m finding new blogs because of their pins. I knew that I had smart and great friends with great taste but now I really know that they do!

The one thing that drives me a little nuts about Pinterest is that I feel like a few of the same ideas/pins just keep getting repinned and repinned and repinned. I wish that the filter was slightly different on the pages where you can see everything that everyone on Pinterest is pinning so that the duplicates weren’t there. Besides that I’m totally in love.

I am getting more and more addicted to Pinterest everyday (although starting a new job will most likely put a slight pause in pinning, although I think I will just spend more time on the site in the evenings. Follow my boards on Pinterest and I will follow you back! If you aren’t on Pinterest yet, I highly suggest that you request an account NOW. What’s your favorite thing to pin? Any people that you think I must follow? I hope to see you on Pinterest, I’ll definitely be there for awhile.