The New York Times Style Magazine came out today with their Men’s Fashion Spring 2009 issue, and let me just say that I love it a lot more than the Women’s Fashion one. I really think it’s because Men’s fashion really doesn’t get as crazy as women’s. For instance, men’s clothes don’t have crazy paper fans all over them like this design for women.

Instead, men’s fashion just has different (sometimes weird) ways to change the suit.

But at the end of the day, you just have the simple, classic lines of a man.

I had to pick Eric Dane…he just looks sooo good. But i really enjoy Men’s Fashion. Women’s fashion seems like a competition to be the thinnest or wearing the biggest designer, but that pressure does not seem to exist in the men’s world. Sure, you want to have a great looking suit, but it’s not the same as that in dress or shoe. Not even close, because there is a classic style that men will always have, while women must always be changing with the times-even if they are a little crazy.