John McCain’s choice of Sarah Palin as his VP pick is perplexing but makes sense too.

The 2 year governor or Alaska has barely any experience in Washington-let alone politics. This means that McCain has undermined his own message of experience in one swift move. It seems to me that McCain most likely wants to be able to control what she says and does but at the same time he should have picked someone that could easily could take over the reins if heaven forbid something happens to him (he is old and has battled skin cancer for many years). 
The choice of a woman is obviously trying to pick up the remaining Hillary supporters. But the Hillary movement was not just for a woman in the White House (or close to it in this case). There was so much more behind the Hillary movement that I admit I didn’t completely understand but her message was one of experience and Democratic ideals. Palin is a pro-life, conservative Republican-totally opposite of Hillary. If McCain thinks that Palin’s gender alone will help him pick up their votes then he is wrong. Palin is also more (consistently) conservative than McCain which will help him in his own party. But will that really help him with Democrats and Independents?
It will be interesting to watch this campaign now. I want to see more of what Palin and McCain say but in the end I don’t know if he made the best choice-but I don’t know who would have been better either…