Apologies for being gone for over a month now. Between the honeymoon, moving and starting work from home, it’s been a crazy month. But now I’m back! I will update my blog about the wedding, honeymoon, etc. I’m still waiting for some photos so please be patient! My friend Christine suggested doing “Married Monday” which I think is great, so I’ll feature something that’s happening in our lives, probably some great dinner but we’ll see what happens! This week’s edition: moving into our fabulous new apartment.

Let me preface this by saying that I’m not a fan of moving. At all. I moved about 6 or 7 times in the 5 years I lived in NYC, thank you dorms/summer housing/sublets. So at times I was cranky. This move was fairly easy though. James’ mom drove our stuff across the country to a storage facility nearby so we just had to take what we needed out, and shuttle our wedding gifts from my parents’ home in Phoenix. Since we aren’t here for very long we moved into a furnished apartment: 2 bedrooms (one is set up as an office, hooray!), 2 baths, full kitchen/dining are and living room and a patio.

Living Room/kitchen in the background (and James posing)

Master Bedroom, looks are deceiving this bed is NOT comfy
The office, pre-moving in aka 2 laptops, a monitor and tons of papers

Our first order of business, after taking these photos, was to wash everything. I ran the dishwasher and washer/dryer (yes in our apartment, it’s amazing) more times than I care to remember. But we are using almost all of our wedding gifts, except our china. It’s amazing. We are so glad that we decided to go for top of the line cookware (stainless steel amongst other things). Then we put everything away, the pantry is an ever-evolving spot, but everything seems to be finding it’s place, be it our clothes or pots and pans.

For the most part, life here has been great. Moving from the big city is a huge change, but Sierra Vista has everything I need-grocery stores, TARGET, Ross, Marshalls…TARGET! And a mall, movie theaters, etc. We’re loving it here and making new friends with James’ classmates. It’s great! There is still some organizing to do in our apartment, mainly of papers that need shredding or filing. But it’s neat and mostly organized. While life isn’t super exciting, we wake up early, work and go to bed early, it’s a wonderful life living together.

If you’re in Arizona and want to venture down to Cochise County, which is really fun, let us know! We have an air mattress waiting for you. And food, lots of good food.