A few weeks ago I discovered Pinata cookies on Pinterest (of course). And they were just too stinking cute to not bake! I was also planning a care package of Cinco de Mayo goodies so I figured it would be perfect.

I used my own sugar cookie recipe, but needed to double it in order to have enough dough. Of course I figured that out after completing batch one and layering it in the pan. Oh well, at least it’s a simple recipe. My biggest warning is prepare to have tie-dyed hands after making these or wear gloves, it gets a little messy coloring the dough. After coloring the dough you layer it color by color in a container, I used a Pyrex lined with saran wrap. Then let sit in the fridge for at least a few hours. I let mine sit overnight.

The original recipe somehow achieves a great height, or high enough for a burrito cookie cutter. I didn’t have as much dough as they seemed to on the original post or maybe I made the layers too long to use anything remotely the size of a decent sized cookie cutter (I do not have a burro cookie cutter but thought I might do dinosaurs). I opted for a small star cookie cutter which made a ton of cookies. But it did look really pretty.

Layered sugar cookie dough after setting in the fridge overnight in a Pyrex

The next step is cutting the dough into about 1/4″ strips. I have no sense of measurements so I used a ruler for this one:

I marked where to cut with a knife then went back and cut a few strips at a time. As I said, my dough was not as tall as I would have hoped so I used a small star cookie cutter. I also pressed the dough down a bit strip by strip to make it slightly bigger.

Just a little short, even for this small cookie cutter.

I was able to make a ton of cookies! But tiny cookies. In every few cookies I would cut a small hole that would eventually hold the candy. The original post suggested cutting it as pulling out of the oven but for me that just didn’t work. I did try it on the first batch but the cookie crumbled so I started cutting the holes before baking.

Ready for baking!

Once the cookies were baked and cooled it was time for the assembly. First make the frosting glue: 1/2 cup powdered sugar and 2 teaspoons milk. I’d suggest making more if you can, seeing as I had little cookies I needed way more.

The process was simple: take a full cookie, add the glue, then stack a cookie with a hole. Add some mini m&m’s, for this size it was only about 2-3, add more glue, stack a full cookie on top. She the photos for a visual step-by-step:

Add some “glue”
Stick on a cookie with a hole in the middle
Add m&m’s (pretty sure the 4th one fell out of this one)!
Stack one more cookie on top!

That’s it! These cookies are definitely a bit time consuming, especially if you’re making small cookies BUT they are tasty, I mean come on look at what happens when you take a bite:

Those are my version of pinata cookies! Not too off from the original post I found, just tweaked a bit to work for my sugar cookie recipe and such. Next time I may make a bit more dough or use a smaller pan to get more height and bigger cookies. But I will say this: they were delicious!

Have you tried making these yet? Any suggestions for next time I try to make pinata cookies?