Madison Square Park has a pop-up food court, for lack of a better description, called Madison Square Eats,  with local favorites including Calexico, Roberta’s, Asiadog, Eataly and Bar Suzette. It’s only around until June 3rd so when James was around, I took the opportunity to enjoy the nice weather and try some of the tasty food.

We got some tasty beers (no idea what, James went and picked them out) and pizzas from Roberta’s mobile pizza oven. We got The Big Sting and Margherita. The Bee Sting had Soppressata and honey drizzled on top. It was absolutely delicious with a bit of a spicy kick to it. The Margherita was a standard mozzarella and basil pizza. The crust was absolutely delicious.

For dessert we got cannolis from Stuffed Artisan Cannoli.

The flavors are (from left to right): White Chocolate Macadamia, French Toast and Peanut Butter Cup.  The Peanut Butter Cup tasted just like a Reeses’ and the others were totally delicious. White Chocolate Macadamia had mini white chocolate chips on the sides and was just chocolatey enough. French toast had a cinnamon taste and was complete with pieces of Cinnamon Toast Crunch, yes the cereal. So great! And they were 3/$5.

There are some tables to sit and stand at but you can find some. I went another weekend for some Bar Suzette fries (super crispy thin fries) and ate them in Madison Square Park. It’s definitely an option. We weren’t sure if we could carry our beers across the street, but we were able to score a table. It’s definitely a great place to go just before the summer really hits. I hope to make it back to check out Calexico and Asiadog.