Since I am now working at home I am trying to be more creative in what I eat for lunch and how to reuse my leftovers since I have an entire kitchen at my disposal.  Instead of just re-warming leftovers, I am reconstructing. For instance, I recently went to a local Mexican food restaurant and got a Sopapilla filled with Beef Machaca. Sopapilla is generally served sweetened for dessert. It’s fried dough tossed in cinnamon and sugar, etc. But this was a savory sopapilla, almost like a chimichanga, but softer. I didn’t take a photo of the original unfortunately. But it was really filling and I only finished about half. I knew that the sopapilla would be no good heated up the next day, but the meat, it would be excellent. So I made a quesadilla (apologies for the poor photo quality):

I separated the beef from the sopapilla and heated it up while shredding cheese to make the quesadilla. I warmed the tortillas in a pan, began melting cheese and added the beef and more cheese. I then simply let everything melt together, plated and  added salsa and sour cream.Voila! A tasty quesadilla, exactly what I wanted for lunch, and quite filling too.

I’m hoping to do more dishes like this. I’ll keep you posted, and hopefully take better photos.