Alright so I’m trying to catch up on my blog postings, I promise! Anyway, James and I went camping over Labor Day weekend for 2 nights (we had a party in Long Island and stayed out there for the 3rd night of the long weekend). It was a way to slowly ease me into camping, partly because of the length of time and the location—a KOA site near Saugerties, NY, where camping is spelled kamping.

Now let me preface this by saying that I’ve been to summer camp (many times during middle school) and like doing outdoorsy things, but it rarely happens and is usually only for a part of a day. So, camping was going to be an adventure. Because we also had a formal party to go to on the last day, packing was hard, and I was also charged with bringing cooking supplies/random food that I had in my apartment. Soooo I packed a lot.

Anyway, it was actually the right amount of stuff, just looks like a lot…I promise. We ate dinner on our way up to the KOA, so when we arrived we made a fire to sit by and roast marshmallows/make s’mores. I had brought up GIANT marshmallows from NYC, and when I say giant, I mean giant. They are about the size of my hand.

The marshmallows are awesome to eat, but not as easy to roast and eat in s’mores form. Since they are so big they take longer to roast, so it’s either slow perfection or burnt on the inside. They were still tasty. Another downside was that when you smush the s’more to eat it, the marshmallow goes everywhere. I was quite sticky but they were still delicious. I really enjoyed sitting by the campfire and getting some fresh air, something I don’t get much of living in the big city.

The next day we woke up and made breakfast that was okay. We decided to go hiking. We asked the KOA for suggestions and they told us about Overlook Mountain in nearby Woodstock. On our way we stopped for lunch at a great pizza place called Catskill Mountain Pizza Company. Seriously, if you are ever up there, check it out. We got a white pizza with broccoli and tomatoes, it was delicious! Also, unbeknownst to us, Woodstock wasn’t even held near the town! It was 40 miles away but was planned by people in Woodstock. I thought that was kinda lame because I kinda wanted to check out the historic field. Anyway, to the mountain we go. It was a bit steep but really not too bad or too rugged. Along the way there was an old abandoned hotel, which burned down twice, was being rebuilt before being left behind/boarded up when WWII started. Upon returning from the war, the owner found the hotel supplies raided and decided not to continue with finishing the project. The hotel was very grand in it’s day and was going to be if completed.

On to the top, where a Fire Watchtower was awaiting us. As we climbed the final half mile (total trail one-way is 2.5 miles), the clouds started gathering. When we reached the top we climbed up the tower, and it started raining/hailing with heavy wind. The views, despite the rain were awesome. You could see down the Hudson, the mountains of the Catskills and beyond. I could only get one decent shot thanks to the weather. Climbing down the tower was scary due to the wind but once back on the ground it was fine. We were rained on the whole way down, so I was excited to get back into the car and warm up.

We headed back to the campsite via the grocery store. We figured the rain had past (and my phone agreed-yay smartphones) and bought supplies for dinner. I wish I took photos of dinner because it was DELICIOUS!! We bought bratwurst made by the butchers at the store, corn and coleslaw. James cooked all of it (well, not the coleslaw) on the campfire. And well, dammmmmn. Soooo good. Seriously. We made s’mores again, but this time I made sure to have water and napkins close by.

I had a great time Kamping, and I have agreed to go on a real camping trip in the woods, not at a campsite in the near future, expect a blog about that one…it’ll be more interesting. And here was our adorable Kabin, yes with a k.